Hazy Islands is a small game prototype i developed in my spare time.
Unfortunately, i realized that i overshot greatly with my planned features,
and my implementation of the dynamic world objects (mostly plants) caused severe performance issues.
The lesson learned here is that i really should have taken the advice to start small :)

After a disastrous storm, you find yourself marooned on an unknown island.
You must gather food, set up a camp and start foraging for more resources.
Once basic survival is secured, you set out to find a way off the island,
but mysterious forces keep dragging you back.
As you slowly uncover the secret of the island, the wildlife and environment grows ever more hostile.

The Druid Grove is a game done in 3 days for Ludum Dare 35.
The player must fend off monsters to protect the forest.
Using the druids' shape-shifting abilities,
one must keep balancing mana and health regeneration in order to survive.

Bunny Brawler is a silly beat 'em up game for android phones,
and my first experiment developing for a mobile platform.

You can download the game here,
but note that it was developed for a fixed screen size of phones at that time,
and might thereby be just unplayable on current devices.